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Thread: New Mommy Blues

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    New Mommy Blues

    Okay so I delivered a healthy baby girl on Sept 25th. My husband is underway right now and missed the birth. I have had my MIL and my own mom here for the past two weeks. My mom leaves on sunday and I will be on my own. At night I feel very lonely. I am so scared and nervous to be here on my own until my DH comes home early Nov. I am in the Hamptons Roads area is any new moms are around. I sure could use a friend or two with kids. Anyone else had baby blues? do they go away? I feel so guilty that I am not responding to motherhood like I would have hoped. I love my daughter and she brings me so much joy. But I cant stop thinking about the missing piece that is my husband. I feel like we arent complete. When he comes home I hope this feeling will go away. Any advice? Thanks.
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    I don't have kids but I'm in Hampton. If you just need someone to come over to watch a movie or watch the little one so that you can take a shower or a nap I'd be happy to be there for you. My DH is gone for now and I work nights so I'm 100% serious in that offer. Congrats on that beautiful baby girl!

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