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Thread: Period Question for New Moms!

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    Period Question for New Moms!

    So, I got on the Nuva Ring before my first post partum period. I have now done 2 cycles with it, and I love it. THIS IS BY NO MEANS A COMPLAINT! But have any of you noticed that you don't have cramping any more? I always read that the first PP period was terrible, but both of mine now have come without a single sign or symptom. I just notice that I'm bleeding. This is just odd for me because I used to get pretty debilitating cramps and now it's like... nothing.

    Again, I'm not complaining OR bragging, lol just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or maybe it's just from the ring.
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    I only got a handful of period in between but I did notice this too. I'd like to think its the universes way of thanking me for popping out baby
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    it can take your body up to 2 years to get back to 'normal' after a delivery. So, in that time you could have lighter periods, heavier ones, ones with cramping, ones without cramping, etc. If your 'normal' was with cramping it could come back but I will hope for you that it doesn't

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    I always used to have the WORST cramps before I went on BC, so bad the first day or two I couldn't stand, and tried to regularly faint. My mother always told me it will be so until I have the first child. It was like it for her, for my grandma, and for my sister. Nightmarish before, easy after.
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    my mom used to have the worst cramps ever. like fetal position vomiting etc so (I'm the same way bit have had no babies) after my mom had my brother no more cramps. mom hit menopause cramps came back

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    I still haven't had a PP period so I'm no help But that's awesome that you're not having any major cramping with it. I always heard the same thing about it being super duper painful.

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    Yeah, no PP period here either but I am really hoping I am like you!

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