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Thread: For moms with Pack'n'Plays (a few tips!)

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    For moms with Pack'n'Plays (a few tips!)

    Just wanted to share some useful tips (based on my experience and review) for those of you who's baby sleeps/will sleep in a P'n'P.

    I found the following replacements and both are a God's sent. My baby girl is finally napping better and she is literally falling asleep within 5 min of laying her down when we are not using her regular crib but the P'n'P for short afternoon naps.

    Uncomfortable foldable Graco cardboard pad:

    Summer Infant playard pad w/padding (non-foldable):

    P'n'P Naturepedic portacrib mattress (it's covered in one of those baby fitted sheets) on top of the Summer Infant pad:

    I removed the original Graco pad, replaced it with the Summer Infant one, put the AngelCare Sensor Mat on it, than the portacrib mattress (covered with fitted sheet) on top of the Summer Infant pad.

    Guess who's taking a short afternoon nap in the livingroom comfortably, right about now!

    Here are the links to the above: Summer Infant Playard Pad: Baby

    Blue and Pink available:

    (The P'n'P pad and mattress should fit all Graco play-yards but still check measurements in the Manual to make sure). If you have a different P'n'P brand, look in the Instruction Manual for the measurements and compare with the measurements in the Amazon links.)

    The point of this post is, if my baby was this uncomfortable in her non-altered P'n'P, your baby might, as well. Or, might be that your P'n'P is perfect and mine happened to be crap. Anywayz, I hope it helps!
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