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Thread: Belles New Trick

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    Belles New Trick

    Is to shriek. She woke up this morning, and instead of just crying, she let out this blood curdling scream and I thought she was in pain or something. But no. Little booger is fine! I picked her up and she stopped. I laid her down to change her diaper, but apparently I took too long because after a couple of minutes she did it again! I noticed no tears, and at one point she even stopped, smiled and at me, but when I didn't pick her up fast enough she did it again! She wasn't really hungry, and I really don't think she's in pain (although it sounded like it) because now she's in her swing just smiling away! Silly baby. She just randomly stopped. This happened a little bit yesterday, too. I guess she just found a new way to use her vocal chords!
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    Cameron has done that since day one. I've learned to go to the nursery when I hear his whimpers and squeaks on the monitor. He's very dramatic otherwise.

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