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Thread: not wanting formula?

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    not wanting formula?

    my baby is 9 1/2 months old and does not seem interested in formula anymore. Im not sure if its from teething or just doesnt want it. I think hes drinking maybe 20 oz or less of formula in a 24 hours period and the majority of it is at night and early morning. Lately hes been waking up once at night for another bottle. But during the day he pretty much refuses it. He will drink maybe 2 oz at the most at a feeding and turn it down. We are on solid foods, he eats a oatmeal/fruit container in the morning, then ill try to give him a bottle before his nap. Then he wakes up and I give him a snack or lunch, like a yogurt and a few puffs, then again try and give him a bottle a little later on and then for dinner he will have a jar or two of baby food then before bed he will maybe take 4oz. He drinks water/juice during the day in a sippy. I feel like he needs the formula because he needs the nutrition from it and I give him vitamins but he hates it and he will spit it up or throw it up.. im just worried hes not getting enough... any thoughts, BTW- he has a dr appt on friday and I plan to talk to him about it too. Just wondering if this is something that someone has gone through
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    I would stop the water/juice since its not needed and keep pushing formula.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobie*Feeder View Post
    I would stop the water/juice since its not needed and keep pushing formula.
    I agree, plus you could offer him formula first, and then solids. Not the other way around.

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    I say no harm in him doing just two bottles. My youngest was 9 months old when he wanted nothing else to do with formula or even a bottle. He only wanted milk and solid foods. His doctor said it was fine. I would just wait and talk to the doctor.

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    Most babies go through a phase where they just don't eat as much from the bottle, usually when they become extremely mobile. There's just too many other cool things to do! I agree with the others about not giving baby water or juice though and trying the bottle before solid foods. As long as he's growing, learning and not acting sick or anything, I would just roll with it.

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