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Thread: Babies fighting sleep

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    Babies fighting sleep

    What do you do? ... Do you just keep fighting it out with them until the eventually fall asleep for good? I feel like this is all I can do.

    She naps fine during the day without hesitation but at night it's the same routine every night. Put her to sleep... She sleeps 5 minutes. Wakes up and cries. I rock her she goes back to sleep and I put her back in her crib and again 5 more minutes. Usually I have to do this like 4 times and fight with her for an hour before she's asleep for good. Then she sleeps usually around 8 hours but every night I go through this. Do they grow out of it ever? Anyone else's baby done this?

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    Oahn does this too, it's so frustrating but I've found that making sure he knows it's night time (lights off, music on, wrapping him up tight) really helps, and just being persistent. I don't really believe in letting babies "cry it out", but i'll have him stay in his crib for a few minutes once he stops crying, sometimes he stops after a minute, sometimes he just needs to be held again. Your Daughter is a month older than my son, so hopefully he's sleeping in 8 hour stretches by then! I'm jealous!

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