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Thread: When did your cycle start again?

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    When did your cycle start again?


    Me and dh had unprotected sex a couple weeks ago(stupid I know) and I haven't gotten my period yet. Everyone I talked to that formula feeds says they got theirs at 6 weeks. And I'm 8 weeks now and still nothing.

    I can't even test to put my mind at ease because I'm too scared it might say positive.

    Idk I'm freaking out . I already want to crawl in a hole and never come out thinking that's even a possibility I could be pregnant again. I will die. Not really but I will probably cry everyday for the rest of my life.

    I haven't got the implanon yet because I didn't know I had to do a consultation first but I get it on Tuesday.

    I'm so scared .

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    I EBF for almost a year so my period came back at just shy of 9mos. I have had friends, though, who FF and did not get their period right away and others that did. There's a chance, of course, that you would be but I would just test to ease your mind, at this point again, though. I would have cried if I got pregnant again right away and I want four kids so you're not alone in that aspect.
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    Mine never came back until about 8 weeks after I stopped bf'ing.
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    I got mine roughly around 8 weeks after having Jayden.
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    I'm no help but lots of .
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    I stopped BF'ing at about 4 weeks PP. When I got on the Nuva Ring at 7.5 weeks PP, and still hadn't gotten my period. I finally got it on the 26th, after taking out my ring like I'm supposed to, so I'm not sure what would have happened had I not gotten on BC. (So about 9 wks PP, 5 weeks after BFing!)

    I'd just test when the time comes. Then you'd know for sure either way and probably feel better.
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    My little man is 12 weeks (I think lol) and i have had nothing. (but I am EBF so it might make a difference)
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    I just now got mine back, and even then it has only been once. I've been FFing for two months and it took that long. You're probably okay, but I'd test to be sure.
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    I BF DD until she was 17.5 months old, I didn't get my AF until she was 13 months. I'm sure you are fine. Some women get it soon after delivering, and other not. ((HUGS))

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    i've been FF since Oahn was born (he's 5 weeks) and i haven't gotten mine yet.. and some people i have talked to said it took up to 12 weeks, it just depends on your body! try not to stress too much!
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