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Thread: Alex's Birth Story - with pics :)

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    Big Grin Alex's Birth Story - with pics :)

    On Monday August 20th, the ob told me i would need to go into the hospital to start my inducement since i had made no progress in over a week. So i went out to dinner with my dh, and headed to the hospital.

    Here is me in the room right before we started, I look petrified and I am

    We got all settled in our room and put in the foley bulb by 6pm. It was uncomfortable certainly but not unbearable. I started having contractions right away but they werent terrible. It made it hard to sleep over night through the pain, so i got an hour of sleep. The foley bulb took a long time to work but by noon the next day i had progressed far enough to start the pitocin. I was nervous to start the pitocin because i had heard such terrible things about it, but once it started i was able to relax. For three hours we sat around playing cards letting the pitocin do its job...well i barely progressed so they decided to break my water.

    That was disgusting feeling Every time id get cleaned up id gush again i felt like i was sitting in a constant puddle for an hour or so. The contractions were almost immediately unbearable once they broke my water, so i asked for the epi since they said it might take a while. The epi wasnt so bad, i got bad shakes but it really relieved the pain from the contractions. It was pretty amazing i had no pain at all but i could move my legs and feel everything. Couldnt have gone better.

    By 3am i was fully dilated and ready to go, but Alex wasnt engaged so we had to wait on him for a while. Several hours later he was ready, and i started pushing. The pushing wasnt so bad, it was incredible pressure but tolerable. Alex was sunny side up and stuck on my right side, after two hours of pushing he was still coming at it from an angle and couldnt get out. My pulse ox started to drop and my heart started to get really tired, and they didnt think he was ever going to come out given his position. The dr came in around 8 and suggested a c section, I was hesitant but i couldnt push anymore i was too tired, so i agreed.

    At that point i was totally out of it, after 37 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing my body was done. They got me all ready and wheeled me into the OR, upped my epi and we were ready to go. My dh was there with me, which was good because i was pretty scared. I could still wiggle my toes so i was pretty freaked out that the epi wasnt working, but they assured me they were already cutting into me and everything was fine.

    At 8:59 Am Alexander Benjamin was born and perfectly healthy. 9 lbs 8 oz 21 3/4" long, he was a big healthy boy

    Dh left with alex and they fixed me up, i was completely zonked and barely remember it. Once in recovery the nurse and dh helped Alex breastfeed which he is a champ at.

    Recovery has been pretty rough on me, i seem to have almost all the recovery issues from a vaginal delivery and a csection. It was very hard for me to get up and walk after the surgery because my legs were so dead from pushing. I was incredibly swollen and still am, but it is going down. Everyday is getting easier but the first few days were pretty terrible.

    I never knew i could love someone so much, my son is amazing and i love him to pieces.

    It took us four days to get out of the hospital once he was born, he was jaundiced and spent a bit of time under the lights.

    We went home on Sunday after nearly a week in the hospital, he is healthy and I am doing much better.

    Here are some more pictures of my sweet boy

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    Oh my godness what a big boy! !
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    What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Mama you did great.
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    He is so beautiful

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    Oh my goodnesd he is ADORABLE!
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    Aww, he is sooo adorable! momma.
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    He's so cute!

    PS...totally have the same gown!
    I'm LeAndra

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    PS~ Please excuse any typos for the time being...I've almost always got an arm full of baby
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    What a handsome baby boy. Congratulations!

    Johanna is my wifey!
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    Thanks! He is amazing loving every second of having him here with us. He is such a great baby He amazes me everyday. He was picking his head up and rolling over *in his swaddle* the day he was born. I love this little boy, and his chubby cheeks
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    what a sweetheart Congratulations!
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