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Thread: PPD vs Baby blues

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    PPD vs Baby blues

    How can you tell the difference?
    Can you even get either of them two months out?

    I am for real not feeling myself anymore. I feel like either throwing a huge ass fit or breaking down and crying. I am just... lost.
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    I think I started to realize it was really bad when I couldn't function normally also I had a beautiful newborn baby and I wasn't enjoying being a mother. I was diagnosed when my little girl was about 2 months old IIRC.
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    For me, the difference was when I realized that I was never happy anymore. I literally NEVER felt happy, ever. Not even for a brief moment. I would feel neutral or desperate when DH would Skype, but not happy. I completely lost any sense of joy for several months. That's when I knew that things were very wrong.

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    Usually baby blues are gone by the 2nd month due to your hormones beginning to level out. If you think that something's off, and it seems to be more than just a day or two fluke, I'd definitely see your doctor. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having PPD and is very common

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    I'd say by this point it's PPD. At my 6 week appt they diagnosed me with it because apparently the hormonal "baby blues" should've been gone by then.
    If you ever want to talk, I'm here. I know it's so hard to feel that way when all you should be is happy and enjoying motherhood. PPD is the worst!

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    I'd go in and see your dr and talk to them about it
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    For me it is not so cut and dry. I have my happy moments but Naomi is nearly nine months old and I keep realizing more each day that I am no longer motivated, i am tired a lot and faking happy a lot, I am annoyed more etc. my c section had a huge emotional impact on me and combined with other life issues I am realizing that I have some pretty intense PPD. I am going in in a couple weeks for it.

    I say if you aren't sure go in because the sooner you can get to feeling like yourself the better!
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    Baby Blues do not show up this late. They happen with in the first couple days and only last a couple weeks..
    Here is a good link explaining every single one. I would honestly tho go talk to your Dr. soon.

    Do I have a form of Postpartum Depression? : American Pregnancy Association
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    I was just diagnosed with depression and social anxiety (which I knew I had for a few years). I knew I was having problems when I never wanted to leave the house, never wanted to do things that I used to like, never wanted to see people, etc. I struggle to accomplish basic household tasks and I am always tired despite getting 8+ hrs of sleep a night.

    Definitely go talk to a doctor. It probably won't just go away on its own.

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