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Thread: Diaper rash questions

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    Diaper rash questions

    DD's got the rash again. Tried airing out and cream and its helping but not that much. There was something else y'all mentioned last time, was it Lamasil? Lanacane? I know it started with a L...
    oh i'm going to try to squeeze her to the pedi's office before we leave thrusday morning but idk
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    I use Grovia's Magic Stick. It's fixed 100% of redness and rashes that Aubs has gotten within 72 hrs.

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    You could also try Medline Remedy Nutrashield until you get an appt with her Ped.

    Medline*Remedy Nutrashield with Silicone Blends Lotion | Walgreens
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    Is the rash splotchy and sort of raised? Could be be a yest infection? Instead of trying creams..try corn starch and just airing out...letting her air out then putting cream on sort of counteracts the airing out.
    DD had rashes like crazy and we tried all kinds of creams, corn starch worked better than creams and she got less yeast infections.
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    I got her into the pedi and he gave her nystain ( spelling )for a yeast infection. Chickadeebaby, I will remember that if this doesn't work because we will be with my parents in FL by the end of the week

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