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Thread: S/O Cost of Baby

  1. I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    S/O Cost of Baby

    So I know we've had these before, but I'm curious since the last time I saw one was before DS was old enough to use any of it and my views have since changed (and curious if others have as well)

    What things did you find to be a necessity for you during your child's first year of life? What did you buy that you could've done without? (Granted, I understand what one parent considers needed may differ depending on their parenting style, and the type of child they have behaviorally).

    My necessities:

    - A bouncer/activity center - Would've died without it
    - A highchair - tried to do without one and it was far too difficult
    - A push walker
    - A rocking chair/ottoman - Saved my back due to his sleeping problems
    - Baby proofing supplies (wall sockets, etc)
    - Baby Gates
    - Extended Rear Facing Car Seat
    - Stroller/Infant Car Seat
    - Baby Dresser/Changing Table - He had/has far too many clothes not to have a place to put them

    Things I bought/had that I rarely/haven't made use of:

    - Crib - Ended up cosleeping
    - Walker (the kind that they can sit in and walk) - He basically reached the weight limit by the time he figured out the basics of walking
    - Pack N' Play - The past week is the most I've made use of it
    - Nursery Accessories (crib sheets/blanket/wall hangings) - Since we ended up co-sleeping (definitely wasn't the plan ) he rarely ever set foot in his nursery
    - Baby Mobile
    - Baby Swing - It helped for about 2 months, but considering how much I spent on it, it wasn't worth it for us

    So...your turn!!!

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    For us we used
    The bassinet til it fell apart
    the swing til she got to big
    walker with a snack tray
    high chair
    pack n play
    and carseats ( of course)
    We didn't use/ or wouldn't have
    Changing table or pad. Just plopped a blanket on the floor cause my kid has rolled from day one
    baby gates became more of source of headaches for us
    diaper genies ( fyi your house still smells like diapers, just sayin)
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    Home is where our feet land

    Car seat
    Stroller (I didn't have the car seat attached one. I didn't see a point for it or justify the cost)
    High chair that attached to our chairs. Used it for both children a LONG time.
    Bath mat thing. The thing they laid down on.
    Clothes that were very easy to get in and out to change diapers. That was a biggie until they were about 4 months.

    Blessed to have but not needed:
    Changing Table

    Not needed:
    Bumper pad for bed. They were useless for us. Plus, we found out how unsafe they were and took them off.
    bottles and stuff: I nursed
    Pack-N-Play: Used it; but, didn't NEED and wasn't worth it after about 4 months for us
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    Swing (we got a mini one, it was perfect, by the time he quit using it, he was outgrowing it)
    Pack n Play (he slept in our room the first few months, plus it makes traveling easier or even just get togethers at friends houses-that way you don't necessarily have to leave at bed time)
    Radio/noise maker (only way he sleeps through the night)
    Dresser (because too many clothes to not have anywhere to store them, plus I keep towels/blankets in there)
    Changing table (we use it and put those cloth square baskets on the shelves below and it is GREAT storage for diapers/diaper genie bags/pacis/extra random stuff)
    Arm n Hammer Diaper Pail (the baking soda helps hide the smell better)

    Didn't use/didn't need:
    Bottle warmers
    baby bullet (I always just bought baby food for convenience sake)
    Baby bath (we used it some, but he didn't like it. Normally one of us got in the bath with him or put him in the shower with one of us in the morning)

    I think that's all
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    The point of no return. Is that a duty station?

    Car seat
    Carriers (Moby, Ergo, various slings)
    Cloth diapers and accessories
    Swaddling blanket
    Baby toiletries
    Baby proofing items
    Play mat/gym or bouncer

    Pretty much it.
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    The only things I *NEED* in the beginning are:
    nursing pads (I leak like crazy)
    wipes (I use cloth)
    car seat

    Things I REALLY like having:
    Pack and play
    cosleeper bassinet
    moby wrap
    wipe warmer (makes cloth wipes easier)
    I like the cribs because they convert, so DDs is now her toddler bed
    Rocking chair
    ..there's more I like as they get older

    Things I didn't use:
    Diaper genie
    with DD changing table (but I'm using DS's a lot because it's easier with DD running around)
    baby tub
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    I've never used my wipes warmer or a diaper genie.

  8. Don't ever settle for less than you deserve.
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    Don't ever settle for less than you deserve.
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    Things I used/needed.
    Car seat
    Baby swing (Life saver that was the only way DD would nap most of the time. )
    Bouncy baby seat . DD loved being bounced in that, and it was a lifesaver for when I needed to do my essays and such for collage...
    Pack and play. Loved having a safe place to put DD when I needed to do things around the house. (Had two dogs in the house , and I do not trust ANY animal alone with a baby no matter how well behaved it is. Famous last words are almost always "nothing will happen/it wouldn't bite it's a sweet/well behaved animal." )
    Baby sleep sacks/sleeping bags.
    Walker DD loved it.
    High Chair

    Things I have had that were a complete waste of money(for me.).
    Diaper genie
    Stroller Only used it on the rare occasion she hated being in it. Even at the mall and such I normally held her, or someone else with me held her the whole time we were there.
    Crib! It turned into a storage place where I kept extra stuff like boxes of diapers. DD hated being in it, and I didn't trust her in it anyways.(I don't like nor trust cribs enough to let my baby(s) sleep in one.)
    Bottle warmer. DD would normally drink here bottles straight out of the fridge, or at room temperature with no issue.
    Wipe warmer. It was a pain to deal with, and DD was perfectly fine without her wipes being warmed up.
    Pretty much all of DD's blankets I had to swaddle her in. She HATED being swaddled, because she loved being able to move her arms/legs freely.
    Baby tub. DD out grew it supper fast, and she was only 6 pounds when I brought her home. Not only that but it was easy to just wipe her off, or wash her off in the kitchen sink when she was dirty.
    Pacifiers. DD hated them and only used them maybe 5 times total.
    Bibs. She normally would find a way to get the food everywhere BUT the bib. That or she'd pull it off the second wasn't looking, and rub in on her tummy or head.
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    What I used/needed
    Pack and play
    Swing/bouncer seat
    Changing table
    Baby gates
    car seats
    Stroller (we use both the umbrella stroller, and now our double)
    Foam pads for the floor
    And our cradle (used it for a month or so with anabelle, now still using it for joseph)

    Never used/ did not need
    Boppy pillow
    Breast pump
    bottle/wipe warmers
    bedding set (total waste of money imo, thankfully, my mom and sister made betting sets for each kid)
    Over the door type bouncer
    Glider chair for the nursery (got that for free, no wasted money lol)
    Bottles and binkies
    Baby bathtub- we just use the normal bath tub for baths
    the carrier (ergo type)- never comfortable using it, I rather use my stroller
    Shopping cart cover- another baby shower gift that I just did not see the point in.
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    -wrap (homemade)
    -infant car seat (gifted)
    -lil rocking toy, she loved that and it gave her so much joy!
    -base stroller for the infant car seat to attach onto (bought at consignment shop)
    -umbrella stroller

    -breast pump, I used it, but wasn't really a must have for DD#2.... health insurance provided it.

    Didn't make use:

    -baby swing (gifted)
    -baby bouncer (gifted)
    -2 person stroller - spot for baby, spot for preschooler (gifted)
    -walker (gifted)
    -pack'n'play (gifted) maybe used a few times
    -activity center (gifted)
    -changing table (gifted)
    -crib (gifted)

    I didn't buy a whole family would be generous and gift us items thinking she absolutely needed it, but she didn't. She was a simple child. Every baby is different and we're not done... So I've held onto all items
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