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    Question Snuza

    Would you or did you bother buying this or something like it? I am really toying with the idea, i dont have a motion monitor or anything of that nature yet. I doubt i would ever need this item but i feel like it is worth the money for the peace of mind it might provide and also God forbid it actually needed to be used. Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor: Baby

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    I don't have one, and I haven't felt the need to get one. I can imagine it would give you peace of mind, so if you're naturally a worrier it might be worth the money.

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    MIL bought me a movement sensor for the crib when DD was a baby because she was diagnosed with a heart condition. If baby isn't in the crib he/she is with me (where I can see), so IMO that is not a necessary item and a waste of money

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    We have this: Angelcare - Movement & Sound Baby Monitor: Baby

    I still haven't set up the sensor. I thought I'd be a lot more paranoid than I am... then again, Belle sleeps in her bassinet next to our for the time being, who knows how I'll feel when she's on her own!
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    We got the Angelcare Monitor as a shower gift. We used it as a sound monitor during naps and stuff, but the sensors didn't work with our crunchy latex crib mattress.

    Honestly, looking back, I probably would've exchanged it for something simpler. We ended up co-sleeping, so he never slept in his crib anyway.

    I suppose the monitors can be good under certain circumstances... but I also feel like they might provide a false sense of security.
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    We had Wyatt in bed with us until he was just about 8mos old so we didn't have a need for it. I don't really trust any of those sensor things because they're still just a machine and machines have flaws. It's kinda a double edged sword - it's going to provide you (general) with peace of mind but it also might give you a false sense of security, too.

    ETA: LittleMissSunshine beat me to it, apparently
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    I have the angel care one as well with the sensor pad and I find it very useful. My daughter has been in her crib since the day she came home from the hospital and all her naps take place in her crib as well so we use it every time she sleeps in there. it beeps every so often to let me know she's breathing fine.

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    We no. My BFF had one though because her baby was severely preemie and had some problems and it gave her peace of mind
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    Never heard of those and I have 4 kids of my own...LOL I keep them in the bassinet until around 6 months then transfer to crib...mine is 5 months then I use a regular monitor...that always worked!

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