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Thread: How can I tell?

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    How can I tell?

    How can I tell A) when my milk is coming down, and B) when I'm empty.

    I never have that "let down" feeling, and I have no idea if Cam has emptied me or not. So, I'm worried that my boobs are going to be all lopsided.
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    You will never be "empty" milk is ALWAYS being made. Just go by his cues, dont worry about your let down or anything. Just let him do his thing and eat till he wants to.
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    He's super young yet...your breasts are still in the newness of it. You may never really feel the let down, but you might... I know it took awhile with my babies. My milk would rush, you could hear her gulping, but again, that didn't happen for a couple weeks... its a supply and demand. Just keep it up, he'll get the right amount flowing

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