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Thread: Cameron's birth story...finally! *picture OVERLOAD!*

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    Cloud 9 Cameron's birth story...finally! *picture OVERLOAD!*

    [my m key is broken, so I have to copy/paste it in. Since I'm too lazy to copy/paste capital m's in and then switch it back...there won't be any capital m's. Sorry to all you grammar fanatics. It drives me nuts too. ]

    Between our internet being down, having a new baby, and all the site issues I'm way overdue for posting this. Iíve actually been writing this for the past three days.

    On the 25th, we were scheduled for our weekly NST. Long story short, we were sent up to the hospital because Cameron REALLY wasn't cooperating, and they couldn't get a good reading on his heart rate, and my blood pressure was 155/110. my doctor said that since my blood pressure wasn't dropping, they were going to go ahead and break my water. I had a horrible nurse who was more concerned about getting off on time than anything, so it took a grand total of 6 pokes to get my IV in. Luckily, my night nurse was our absolute favorite nurse. We had her when we stayed overnight at 36 weeks (yeah, I didn't tell you guys about that. my bad.) and she was absolutely amazing.

    As the night wore on, I quickly realized that the birth I had pictured in my head was NOT going to happen. my doctor told me that if my BP didn't drop, I was getting an epidural whether I liked it or not because they cause a drop in blood pressure. Well, by the time I was ready for some IV meds, Jill advised me that they could only give me two doses, and the second wouldn't work nearly as well. I was still a 3, so she asked if I could hold off and wait until I progressed further, or if I wanted to try an epidural. I ultimately made the decision to have the epidural because I was in some major pain and my blood pressure wasn't coming down at all, so I knew that if I didn't...I would be forced into getting one when my doctor came around to check on me. Jill held my hand, Jason stood in front of me and my mom held me. It was't as bad as I thought it was going to be, so even though it wore off twice, I'm very glad I got it.

    I did have to suffer through the nausea because I'm allergic to Zofran, and Phenagren knocks me out. Twice I choked on it, and some got down in my lungs. Good thing it was only water and bile! I actually told my doctor while I was pushing that I was glad she didn't allow me any food during labor.

    At 4:45, I was ready to push. I had a hell of a time getting him past my pubic bone, and I was getting exhausted. At 5:15, Jill told me that I had 45 minutes to get him out because she wasn't leaving until she got to see him. That gave me a bit more motivation, and I kept going. When my doctor came in, she helped me get him down with a new way to push and finally I was able to feel his head.

    After that, things got a little hairy. Suddenly my doctor said that I had to keep pushing no matter what, and that I wasn't allowed to stop. She also had Jill and another nurse push HARD on my stomach. Next thing I know, Cameron is out, but he is blue, limp, and not breathing. The doctor cut the cord (something we wanted Jason to do, but it wasn't possible) and as soon as I saw him I burst into tears. They got him breathing, but he wasn't wanting to cry, so I started freaking out; Jason reassured me that he was fine and just looking around. Finally he let out a little cry and I calmed down a bit. The nurse cleaned him off and put him on my chest for a few minutes, but then she said she had to take him to be evaluated because he was breathing too fast (we wanted to do skin to skin for an hour...but, like I said earlier, the birth I wanted wasn't what I got). He was 9 lbs, 6 oz and 20 inches long. When the nurse announced his weight, all of our jaws dropped because we were told he was in the 64th percentile. Jason was like "I was leaning on the scale, weigh him again"

    Apparently his right shoulder got stuck, so my doctor had to do an emergency episiotomy (the third thing that wasn't in my birth plan) but I was never told about it. Jason was the one who told me. His blood sugar also dropped down to 20, so he was put on an IV Since he had the IV, that meant he had to stay in the NICU/nursery full-time. This was especially hard on me because I wasnít planning on using the nursery at all. When he was two days old, he got a mild case of jaundice, so he had to stay under the lights for 24 hours. We were finally released to go home on the 29th.
    Heís a wonderful baby. We struggled with breastfeeding for the first day or so because of his gestational age and because the IV drip was keeping him from being hungry (we totally skipped the cluster feeding that happens in the first 24 hours), but when he was 2 days old, the doctor was concerned with the amount he was eating, so he wanted me to supplement, but thatís when Cam decided that breast feeding was pretty awesome, and heís been a champ ever since. Heís already on his own little schedule, and only wakes up once or twice at night. Jason and I are completely in love with our little guy. Here is a picture overload of my Butterball.

    Brand new baby boy.

    my mom and Cam.

    He looks JUST like daddy.

    Sleeeeepy baby, sleeeeepy mommy

    Cam and my mom's best friend. How is this comfortable?!
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    Adorable! Congratulations on you bundle of joy!
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    I'm so happy you have your little one!!! I'm sorry the birth didn't go the way you planned, but you have a healthy baby boy. How wonderful for you and Jason!!!
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    again. He is so adorable .
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    I laughed so much at the last picture, it's so stinking cute.
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    Awww he is so cute!

    We have a picture of ODD sleeping like your little one in the last picture. My aunt called it the lawn chair pose

    ♥ 2,000oz of boobie milk donated ♥

    better2gether is my Irish Twin Mommy Wifey!
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    AAWW those puffy cheeks!
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    He's adorable!!!!
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