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Thread: Different babies

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    Different babies

    They always say the first and second babies can be so different and it's true for me! Dd was so so hard! She hardly slept and was very colicky, that child was NOT happy until about 5-6 months. Just completely unhappy. Now ds is no cake walk but he's already smiling, cooing and recognizing me and dh. It's just so different to deal with a baby who isn't constantly upset!

    With all that said though I'm still done havin babies
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    ODD was super easy for me....she slept though the night pretty much from day one. She only cried to eat...I had to check her diaper all the time to make sure she wouldn't be sitting in dirty diapers. She never got cranky while teething either...I only knew she was teething because of all the drool She is still my calm...relaxed child.

    YDD was way different. she got cranky and fussy about everything...still does but wouldn't trade her for anything.

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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    I'm just praying that my next one can understand the concept of sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a clip.

    I'm glad William seems to be such a happy baby

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    My two are about the same so far. Only real thing is Joseph wants a midnight snack and Anabelle slept through the night very early on.
    But neither one are very fussy. Joseph hardly cries, when it is time to eat,.he kind of grunts.
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    Aw, good for you! I bet he is adorable when he coos.
    This is why I'm a little scared to have another baby. Caden is just the perfect baby and really easy. Surely I wouldn't get that lucky twice.

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    Aw thanks good he's an easier.

    The part about the babies being like night and day is what kinda scares be about having another one. DD was(is) soooooo EASY as a baby, and besides a few melt downs here and there she still is a easy toddler. DD always was such a happy bubbly bouncy baby almost 24/7. She'd sleep 5+ hours a night starting at around 6(ish)weeks. I also liked that stage because she'd nap like 4-6 times a day. (She NEVER naps now and if she does she'll be up till midnight. Even with me placing her in her bed close to 7:30pm to 8pm with no lights on at all.) Loved people watching and would smile, bounce, and coo if anyone stopped to say hi to her(still does this minus the cooing Lol).. I could even put her down and she'd be perfectly content looking at her toes for an hour or two with no issues at all.. I could also hand her to like my sister or aunt while I showered or did whatever. I kinda liked how I could actually do stuff still thanks to her not being an overly clingy babies that you can't put down for a second without them SCREAMING as if their little world is ending... lol

    Only issue with DD was that she was terrified of my boobs, and wouldn't latch on at all even with nurses trying to help. Other than that though even my labor, and popping DD out was fairly fast and easy(despite the bad tearing). So I don't think I'll get that lucky twice

    That being said I keep picturing my next one starting out as an overly clingy baby that no one else but me can even look at or else it'll scream. Then he/she wont sleep threw the nights, and instead of smiling back when people smile at him/her. The baby will give them the death glare then scream and cry till they go away... It'll also pull my hair, ears, and bite the heck out of me while it's teething. Oh and it'll be a thumb sucker as well. It'll do all that and more since DD never did any of that stuff.
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    My two were both super easy babies... and actually super easy as they grew as well. DS is 6 going to be 7 in a couple weeks, and DD is 2, going to be 3 in a month. I think its all luck of the draw
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