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Thread: PLEASE any advice/input appreciated

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    PLEASE any advice/input appreciated

    So as most of you know, DH is deployed and it's just me out here with the baby. My dad left a few days ago, and I have no family anywhere out here. Teddy is a dream; he's got a great disposition and he doesn't cry unless he's hungry or in pain. He has some pretty nasty reflux lately, though, and his crib has been a no-go. My dad moved the swing to my room to help me get some sleep on rough nights, and unfortunately they have all been pretty rough since he left.

    The baby sleeps like a dream in the swing, so I've been doing that for three nights now. I KNOW it's not the right thing to do because he could become dependent, but I'm at the end of my rope. I'm recovering from a c-section, my knees are shot to shit, and I'm a horrible napper (as in I can't seem to do it) nights are my saving grace. Today I'm going to go to BRU and pick up a crib wedge to see if that helps ease him into the crib, but I'm not sure it will work. He's still adjusting to the Alimentum that the pedi put him on, so he's still refluxy a bit. We go back in tomorrow morning and I'm hoping for a Zantac prescription, but still.

    So my question is this: is it really so awful to let him sleep in the swing if it saves my sanity?? I know there will be a rough transitional period later when it's time for crib sleep, but while DH is gone I figure anything that gets momma sleep will help baby. I am absolutely NO GOOD without sleep...I can run on the 6-7 broken up hours I've been getting since putting him in the swing at night, but getting less than that consistently and then spending all day alone trying to help him, our high maintenance dog, and our pukey cat (he throws up for weeks every time DH leaves ) is no good. I'm useless that way. I've spoken with DH about how we'd have to break him back into the crib, potentially together unless I can pull it off while he's gone, and he's ok with it. I guess I just need to hear that other moms have done it and survived.

    And as a side question: if you were on Alimentum, how long did it take to see results?
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    I say do what ya gotta do to get some sleep mama! maybe pick up the crib wedge and try out naps during the day in the crib that way he is still getting a little crib time in.
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    I don't have any advice, obviously, but lots of
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    Zoë is almost 8 months and still naps in her swing

    She seems to be getting sick of it though since she can't turn over. If I put her in the crib though she just plays, so for now I have to just stick with what works
    Our sweet girl is here!
    Zoë Marie- 11.02.11!
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    Jayden was on Alimentum and we started seeing changes in 3 days within 2 weeks his reflux was SO much better.
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    I'm not a mom but my mom would let me sleep as a kid wherever the heck I fell asleep which included on the dog at one point if it would give her peace if the nurses were not there. [I'm not saying that was the best idea but our dogs were really good]

    I say if your DH is okay with it possibly being rough when he gets home to adjust to a crib, I'd let the baby sleep in the swing. Hugs to you!
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    First off, !

    DD has Silent Reflux & can't digest regular formula properly yet, figured it out at 1 month, and we didn't see true relief until 2 months. She's on Nutramigen and it was about 2 weeks before there was noticeable change with the spitting up/swallowing the spit up back down. Then it was another 2 weeks for her esophagus to heal completely after having so much bile go up and down. One thing that has helped us immensely was simply keeping her sitting upright for 30 minutes after a bottle. It gives the formula time to settle and not put pressure on the muscle at the top of her esophagus (causing the spit up).

    DD loves her swing, and would take all of her naps during the day in it. Starting about 2-3 days ago (she's now 5 months), she's barely taking naps in it. She likes being in it still, just doesn't want to sleep in it. We never really had a problem with getting her to sleep at night without the swing. Honestly, if I were you, if putting DD in her swing meant I could get a couple of hours of quality sleep, I'd do it.
    For the first 3 months, DD slept in her stroller in my room (DH was deployed). It had the option of sitting her up straight, reclined, or laying flat (she slept in the middle position). We got a crib wedge, but I wasn't comfortable with her being in a separate room at that point, and her crib wouldn't fit into the room I was staying in.

    Hang in there. He will get better, and you will get better sleep.
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    No advice, but many . I'm here if you need to vent.

    You could ship him here.
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    My oldest slept in the carseat inside the crib for 6 months and then transitioned to the crib with out it. My youngest slept in the P&P in the master bathroom with the fan on for at least 8 months. Do what you have to do.

    That said, I am not a co-sleeper and insisted that then baby NOT get used to sleeping in bed with me. I didn't knew that I wouldn't sleep well, and that is a tougher habit to break. I know co-sleeping works for a lot of famillies, mine is just not one of them.
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    Do what you need to do, seriously. If it becomes a habit you need to break, you'll be much better rested to handle it. DS co-slept with me till 4 months because it was the only way he'd sleep. It was definitely worth my sanity.
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