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Thread: Belly aches :(

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    Belly aches :(

    My poor little baby's belly has been hurting because he hasnt pooped in a while! He has been crying a lot I can soothe him but only for a few minutes.

    Any advice on how I can get him to poop so he feels better?!

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    Gas drops (if he's old enough) making his legs go in a circular motion (it helped DS when he was constipated) my pedi also mentioned a little water- all will tell you something different when it comes to this (some say yes/no) poor little guy I hope he feels better soon.
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    Give him a warm bath and let him sit in the warm water for a couple of min. Gently massage his little belly in circles clockwise. After the bath, lay him on his back and bicycle his legs gently. (Best way to keep him in the warm water for longer is if you get in the bathtub with him and hold him in your lap rather than put him in the baby bathtub.)

    Another thing that helped my baby girl is a warm compress on her belly. My daughter's Ped also suggested Little Remedies Gripe Water, Little Remedies Gas Drops or PediaCare Gas Drops and Karo Syrup (which I wasn't happy about and gave her only a couple of times). The nurse suggested at the time to stimulate her tiny anus with an rectal thermometer (I refused this one).

    Good luck. Poor little baby, I hope he poos soon.

    I also got from Amazon one of these: Happi Tummi Removable Waistband - Blue: Baby

    It really works.

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