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Thread: Bouncer/Swing Questions

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    Question Bouncer/Swing Questions

    I had my baby shower yesterday so I'm fairly certain of what i have left to purchase. I was wondering since i have 3 things that do something fairly similar if i should really buy all three, or which ones would you recommend getting?

    These are the three i was picking from BABYBJÖRN BabySitter Balance - Black/Silver: Baby Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing, My Little Snugabunny: Baby

    I already have Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper, Neutral: Baby

    I'm not sure if they all do something different enough that would warrant getting them all
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    Both my kiddos love the bouncer!! Seriously would not have survived without it
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    I have the SnugaBunny swing set up in the living room. After we brought baby girl home, the swing was the only one she slept in. For months, I slept on the couch in the living room next to her bunny swing. Lifesaver to my sanity.

    I am still sleeping on the couch today, because she still doesn't like the P'n'P (which is set up in the bedroom on my side of the bed) much. She just tolerates it in small amounts.

    For me, personally, the swing was my best investment before her birth.
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    I know soo many people with a rock and play and they love it, don't use anything else. If you did want something, go for a swing, just because they are battery/power opperated so you don't have to be right next to them for them to be moving

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    I would never in a million years spend 150 on a bounce chair. However the swing would be a must

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    The Rock 'n Play and the Kick & Play... AMAZING. We love love love both of those! Kalista sleeps SO WELL in her Rock 'n Play and she loooves to play in the Kick & Play. We totally avoided a bouncy chair with Kalista because with Nikaia she became so dependent on it to fall asleep that I didn't even want to bother using it with Kali. Neither of my girls really liked the swing.
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    My girls LOVED the cradle swing. I spent 40 on a used one at a consignment sale and we've more than gotten our money back. It was a fantastic investment.
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    I'd skip out of the baby bjorn one simply because all it offers is a seat. The swing is nice because its soothing and the bouncers are nice as well. My friends kiddo loved sitting in his yesterday staring at the toys and reaching for them--he ended up falling asleep in it for a bit too.
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    With our next one we are going to get a swing like the Fisher Price Snugglie one. DD hated our Graco swing since it only went in one direction. She rarely used the swing and hated her bouncer.
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    I'd probably go with the swing... Neither of my kids liked the bouncers.
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