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Thread: relactating ?

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    relactating ?

    Is it possible to relactate after 3 months? its been about 3 months since i've breastfed, I was in school and working and now that I am done and home with DS all day, I've been thinking alot about pumping again. I also have alot of guilt for not being able to continue to breastfed, mainly I got very frustrated and gave up. I was under so much stress, DS spend 1 month in the NICU when he was 2 months old and had surgery, he could not eat for that whole month so my supply went down and I was not keeping up with pumping.. but i still have so much guilt that I didnt keep up with it.

    ....fenugreek is out of the question, I had a bad reaction from it and made me queasy and throw up. any other advice? BTW- DS is 6 months old.
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    I've heard of oats and brewer's yeast helping with lactation-- I would talk to the local LLLI (La Leche League International).

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    I know it's possible, just not sure how it works. I suggest talking to your doctor about it!

    This stuff is for boosting supply but isn't fenugreek.
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    Yup it is. You can eat oatmeal, take mother's milk supplements and power pump.

    Power pumping will do the most because it triggers your body to lactate again. My girlfriend just adopted her daughter and power pumped months before hand so she could nurse her. It is pretty amazing. It hasn't been that long for you so it should come back with a little encouragement.

    Power pumping takes an hour at a time. Pump for 15 rest for 15 pump for 15 rest for 15. After an hour break for an hour and do it again. It will trigger your body to start producing again.
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    I relactated with Kason. I dont remember what I did though.

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