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Thread: Being Honest...(BFing related)

  1. I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    Being Honest...(BFing related)

    What's your #1 favorite thing about breastfeeding?

    What's your least favorite thing about breasfeeding?

    Honestly, my favorite thing about BFing is that's it's simple and convenient I don't have to worry about packing enough forumla, mixing anything, or warming anything up. It's just "pull out boob and go"

    My least favorite? I hate that I basically can't drink. Not that I'm a big drinker to start with, but every once and awhile I just feel like having a margarita, or a beer, but for me to do that, I have to plan it out in advance so that I have enough milked stored. I've never been the type that "plans" on drinking, just occasionally felt I was in the mood to have one, so basically I just never drink.

    Your turn!
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  2. aka Milfon2Wheelz
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    The ease and convenience!

    I still drank, I'd only have one here or there but it didn't bother me.

    The only thing I didn't like was leaking in the grocery store
  3. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    My favorite thing? Other than the cuddle time I got with baby, it was convenience. No water, bottles, and formula to drag around.

    My lest favorite was how hot it could be sometimes. It made me over heat BIG TIME while we were in Missouri.
  4. I Will Rise Above
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    I Will Rise Above
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    The ease of it and the health benefits for us both.

    I still drink. Have a beer at night. Course little miss sleeps through the night so I know if I drink I don't have to nurse until 7am.

    Right now I'm disliking that my supply has dropped. I'm afraid she isn't getting what she needs and everything I'm trying isn't making it come back. It's making me really sad.
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    Favorite - It's easy, free and good for us both!

    Least favorite - She never took a bottle so I was the only one who could feed her It's okay now though. She takes a straw sippy.
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    Favorite- not having to make bottles in the middle of the night.

    Least Favorite: Everything else. I'm not a fan of it, personally- I've never had all the wonderful happy feelings about it that I've seen from so many people. When I did it, I did it 100% for the baby, because there was very little benefit to me. I won't be breastfeeding another baby though.
  7. Account Closed
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    It could be worse.
    I enjoyed everything about breastfeeding. But I was extremely fortunate and breastfeeding for me came very easy and very naturally. I know other's aren't so lucky and have to overcome a lot of obstacles to be successful at it.
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    The only negative I can think of is having to wear clothes that accommodated BF'ing. I hate the nursing clothes from MM and pretty much everywhere that carries them, has them in boring, dull colors and a frumpy shape. I ended up making my own stuff so that I didn't feel so homely in them. Otherwise it was stretchy v-necks and lifting my tshirts up.

    Other than that, I loved every bit of it. Wyatt rarely took bottles so I did it all (unless I pumped for a sitter) and adored every second of the bond and togetherness of it.
  9. i will NOT limbo in Idaho
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    i will NOT limbo in Idaho
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    favorite: How excited and happy DD always gets when she gets to nurse

    Least: It has hurt from day 1 because DD was tongue tied for over two the pinching, scratching, throwing covers off, trying to stand up while nursing, etc that goes along with nursing once they can move!
    I'm LeAndra

    Married to James since October 2008
    Lorelai Feb 2010
    Beckham July 2012
    I am a Christian & SAHM/W

    If you have any questions about massage therapy, breastfeeding, natural birth, Your Baby Can Read, teaching kids sign language or whatever...feel free to ask!
    PS~ Please excuse any typos for the time being...I've almost always got an arm full of baby
  10. So lost and wandering.
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    So lost and wandering.
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    I just loved breast feeding for so many reasons.

    My only dislike is the fact that my body was not cut out to do it, and I failed at it.
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