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Thread: its hot urgh ... bf question :)

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    its hot urgh ... bf question :)

    It's hot here somewhere between the 75-85 the past few days . The apartments haven't switched over the AC yet.

    does anyone else have a baby who only snacks during the hot hours , then attacks you as soon as the sun has set ?

    when we get up DS2 will nurse for 30ish mins be awake or take a nap and nurse about an hr later ... then it starts to get hot... and he only nurses 5 or so mins when its hot ...then when the sun goes down he has pretty much nursed non stop since 8 with only short ten to fifteen min breaks...

    i'm not concerned he has plenty of wet and poopy diapers . just curious
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    that's how both of my girls were. I think the body heat on top of the high temperatures may keep them from wanting to nurse as much.
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    I would always fan DD while nursing when she got hot to try to cool her off so she would eat enough during the day instead of lots of little sessions
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