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Thread: command/frg newborn gifts

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    command/frg newborn gifts

    Did you get anything from your SO's command/FRG/spouse group when your baby was born? I love hearing about the different mementos newborns get.

    ODD got a soft yellow blanket with a plane on the corner that looked a lot like the one DH worked on at the time from the spouse group.

    The command here gave YDD a yellow bib with the command logo/mascot on it. She also got "birth orders" "authorizing" her travel from the hospital to our house and specifying her duties were to eat, sleep, and cry. So cute. I have that in her baby book.

    At our last command, the spouse group gave newborns soft yellow or blue blankets with "Blue Angels" and a Blue Angel jet embroidered on the corner. It might have said Bue Angels Baby but I can't remember.
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    Dh's shop threw a baby shower
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    They didn't give us anything Those gifts you received sound adorable though.

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    I don't think DH's unit does anything for the newborns.
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    Dh's command didn't do anything. They did mention her birth in the monthly newsletter. The only thing I cared about at the time is that they approved his leave even though they normally don't because of the type of training that they do during that time of the year.
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    At Aviano we got piggy banks with the kids names on it that were made in Italy. Pretty nice gift.
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    I got a visit at the hospital from the CO, and a personal apology, if that counts

    DH's lower command MAJORLY messed up his paternity leave request, so it had been denied-- and about a million other things had been being messed up, not to mention that DH was brand new so he was left reeling. So the CO came to the hospital and personally apologized to him and me for the difficulties. We were both shocked and incredibly grateful. I really respected that Commander

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    We got a onesie with the Squadron's logo! It's cute I should put her in it. I think it should fit by now!
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    A burpee with the squadron's name on it
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