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Thread: Night time diaper leaks

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    Night time diaper leaks

    DS is 5 months old and the past week or two, at nights his diaper has completely leaked through. He sleeps through the whole night & I would hate to wake him up to change his diaper if hes not crying about it. I was using the pamper swaddlers and than I put him in the pampers baby dry for night, and he leaked completely through them, i thought the diaper was going to fall apart this morning when i took it off him bc it was completely soaked through.
    Any tips or know of any other brands that hold up, hes only in size 1s right now. Cloth diapers are out of the question for me. I simply do not have the time & energy to add to my cleaning, I work and go to school full time. There are just not enough hours in the day!
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    How much is he eating before bed and how soon before he goes to sleep?

    Maybe try feeding him earlier and then change his diaper right before you put him down. And try different diapers, maybe there will be one that holds better. We use Huggies Snug and Dry and those seem to hold up really well.

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    Hm...I'm surprised he was able to soak through those. Aren't they supposed to be the best? Hm...This was weird but i had a thought of maybe adding panty-liners or something to the inside of his diaper...but that would not work, would it?
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    don't they have disposable inserts for diapers? my mom use to use them for my brother at night time.

    very rarely does kenz leak through. i hate pampers though. i actually prefer target brand
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    It might be time to try the next size up. When ever Wyatt started consistently leaking, it meant he was ready for the next size. Also, are you making sure he's pointing down? That was an issue for DH to remember during diaper changes.
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    Go up a size! Always worked for me when the kiddos leak at. Ight
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    you may want to try a bigger size for night time as well

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    go up a size Luvs seems to hold more for us tho sometimes we do get occasional leaks.
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    They make overnight diapers. We tried pampers and they didn't work for us..we use huggies instead...and I love their overnights. My sister had the best luck with Luv's brand. I think it just depends on the kid because diapers fit each kid differently. KWIM?
    Try overnights or using a size bigger first and if that doesn't work try a different brand.
    I would also email pampers and tell them that your son keeps leaking through their diapers..they may give you free diapers in a different size or something.
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    We tried everything (even all brands of nighttime diapers) and our boys always leaked through. Then I started using two diapers I usually use a night time size 3 (the size they wear) and then put a cheap diaper (like Target brand) over it that is a size 4. Haven't really had a problem since. The bigger diaper catches everything the other one doesn't. Sounds silly but works
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