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Thread: Update on Zachary and a question about boarding in the hospital afte dischareged

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    Update on Zachary and a question about boarding in the hospital afte dischareged

    Today Zachary is 5 days old. The nurses here have been soo amazing helping with him. I finally was able to bottle feed him yesterday and he is keeping it down. He drinking my milk every 3 hours, but hes on an IV all the time as well.He was having a lot of trouble keeping his food down. Hes jaundice so hes under the light a lot. Hes breathing on his own. The nurses think he may have been a little earlier than 34 weeks. Personally I feel fantastic about his progress. Still wont have him home for a few weeks but I'll be here at the hospital with him until he gets home.

    My question is for the moms who stayed in a boarding room in the hospital. What did you bring to eat? I'm on a low sodium diet still. I stocked up on oatmeal and I'm drinking tons of water and I have some of those healthy choice soups and meals, granola, apples, bananas. I can't afford to eat at the hospital everyday and DH has the car for work so I'm stuck at the hospital a lot. Any ideas would be great.
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    Wish I could help, sweetie, but I didn't have to stay. He will continue to improve and soon you'll be able to take your sweet baby boy home soon! You guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    Sorry I can't help but for you both. So glad he is making progress! & that he continues to do so quickly!!
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    I'm no help, but lots of .
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    Do they offer meal vouchers? I know our hospital offers meal vouchers to our NICU moms if they are there with their baby and they can get one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not sure if other hospitals do this, but it's worth asking about! Maybe try talking to the social worker about your meal options since you are staying in the hospital. Ours are usually pretty helpful. Lots of Sounds like your little one is doing great! Also, remember if he's jaundice and under the lights (phototherapy)...elevated bilirubin/jaundice makes them sleepy and sometimes makes them not want to eat. So the lights should be helping him and hopefully he'll get more energy!
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    We stayed at a Ronald McDonald house, but still had to buy our food for breakfast and lunch. Other than what you have already, we ate a lot of sandwiches, protein bars/shakes, pasta, eggs, cereal, etc. We did end up snacking a lot since we were always back and forth from the NICU and didn't sit down for very long.

    Sounds like your little man is progressing really well too I hope he continues to do well and that your family can all be together soon
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    DH cooked a bunch of chicken and veggies and brought a bunch of fruit up to the hospital and the postpartum wing had a fridge they let us use to store our stuff (and a microwave to heat things up). Maybe you could go home for a few hours and shower and prepare some stuff to bring? I cried like a baby the first time we went home to shower but it felt so good to shower in my own bathroom. Our girls only spent a week in the NICU but it was the longest week of my life!

    That's really good that he is breathing on his own and holding down his food better. Both of our girls spent time under the bili light, too (twice each) and then had no more problems.

    Hang in there!
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    Maybe someone can make you a casserole type dish and put it into some tupperware and you could store it in a refrigerator at the hospital?

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