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Thread: Post partum *TMI & a question*

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    Post partum *TMI & a question*

    How long did it take you to get back to semi "normal" feeling? About day three I felt GREAT but the past couple of days I've felt horrible. I know I'm being a big baby, but I am so uncomfortable.

    **Tmi alert: my iron pills are making a bowel movement pretty much impossible, and i think i may have developed hemorrhoids from trying. That is what is REALLY bothering me more than anything else. Being super tired, soreness, bleeding, etc. are all things I can deal with... This other issue? No way! I also have literally zero appetite. It is so hard to make myself eat, but I know I have to to be able to BF properly. I just hope this ends soon.
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    I actually didn't have a BM until about 8 days PP and I had terrible hemorrhoids. You can ask your doctor for a cream to help with those at your PP appointment if preparation H doesn't work. Also, my doctor had me taking colace daily.

    As for appetite, I honestly didn't have one until almost 2 weeks after I had Landon. It seemed really strange to me considering right before I had him, I couldn't eat enough I'd eat a few bites and just not be hungry anymore.

    Your body just went through a major change, it's going to take some time for it to regulate again

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    I felt pretty much ok by 3 weeks. But it took about 4-6 weeks before I was pain free.
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    As far as pain..I didn't really have any until a few months PP when I got hemorrhoids.
    I was hungrier BFing than I ever was pregnant!

    But really I don't think you ever get "back to normal" just find a new normal..kwim? I became lactose intolerant after having DD (plus my gallbladder removed)..things change physically and emotionally.

    You'll adjust and all will be well
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    My midwife had me take a laxative after I couldn't go #2 for 4 days after having Eleanor. Depending on how long it's been, you may want to call your doctor to see what they recommend.

    I felt REALLY uncomfortable the first week and was still in a good amount of pain up until 2 weeks. After that I was having some soreness "down there" and that didn't go away until 6 weeks because I actually had to have an outpatient procedure because my stitches didn't heal just right.

    When in doubt, call your doctor.

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