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    Im not too sure where I should put this so feel free to move it if I'm wrong.

    I'm going to my first baby shower for DBS brothers fiancé (I'm super excited, lol, idk why) and was trying to think of gifts since they said no clothes. They want diapers but I wanted to do something else too.

    So I thought a mommy survival kit for the hospital. I just don't really know what to put in it since I don't have any kids... Any things you wanted but didn't have? What about like little extras that would've been nice but not totally neccesary? (they don't have tones of money).

    Also, any better gift ideas?? Lol
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    Lots of food, snacks and sweets for th hospital lol you wouldn't believe how hungry you are after wards.
    If she's breastfeeding getting her some breast pads.
    Look on amazon at those hanging Lamaze toys, my dd loves two that she has!
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    Does she have a registry anywhere? My favorite gifts from my baby shower were practical ones. Diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, baby lotion, you know just stuff they will definitely use! My mom got me this really cute nursing cover too, and that was really nice. Oh and I have more towels, burp cloths, washcloths, and receiving blankets than I can possibly use... So I'd avoid those items, lol!

    I really like your hospital survival kit idea also! Maybe add some cute slippers for mommy or a little back massager for when she is in labor?

    ETA: a cute baby book to record milestones. That way she can get baby's footprints at the hospital! I am going to buy one of those for myself lol.
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    Magazines,, hair tyes, brush, gum, compact mirror, lip balm, snacks like trail mix, candy, etc. A disposable camera just in case. A notebook and pen, in a nice bag.
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    My Own Road: The Hospital Survival Kit for new mothers (with printables)

    Hospital Survival Kit for Mom-To-Be via

    (^^cute ideas^^)

    I agree with PP: SNACKS!

    I also like to include a soothie newborn paci, or other bfing friendly paci. Our hospital here doesn't provide them.
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    I would have loved to have some nursing friendly pj's, one of those rice bag microwaveable things, snacks, a good water bottle, etc. Maybe some bobby pins or a head band if she has long hair.

    Another practical gift might be a boppy pillow.

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