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Thread: eating time advice

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    Confused eating time advice

    DD has figured out how to bring her snacks her mouth so now she's wanting to feed herself all the time. Problem is all her non -snack food is pretty well blended because she still doesn't have any teeth ( her snacks are the gerber things that dissolve really easily) . We spend meal times battling over her attacking the baby food with a spoon, attacking me with the spoon, her grabbing the bowl or the contents in it.
    Suggestion? I'm reluctant to give her pieces of real food till she has at least her bottom two teeth

    Edit: shes 7 months old , 8 months on the 12th
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    Even with teeth, dd does not chew with her teeth. She pushes the food to the back of her mouth and gums it.

    Honestly, I would try something easy to mush, like banana. My baby girl LOVES to feed herself banana. If you are really worried you can steam foods really good and put it in one of those mesh chewer things. That way she can't get any chunks, but can still "chew" on food herself
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    Google baby led weaning it's a new way of thinking abiut feeding kiddos. Babies don't need teeth to eat.
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    you can give her anything mashy and she should be able to gum it. sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, etc.
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    Try steaming carrots or potato or squash (anything really) and giving her tiny pieces. Wyatt's "snacks" are steamed veggies that are cut into itty-bitty cubes.
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    I agree with the Baby Led Weaning comment. My daughter LOVES to feed herself and she LOVES adult "big people" food. Even though she can't "chew" it with her teeth.

    I went out to Teriyaki with a girl friend and she reached over onto my plate and helped herself to some chow mein noodles before I could stop her She will literally try to eat anything I give her.

    I'd make food time a social thing and stop battling with her. There are some Baby Led Weaning sites that give suggestions for things they can feed themselves.
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    E didnt have a single tooth til 13m. She started feeding herself (cheese, bananas, goldfish, cherrios) at 7m.
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    she doesn't need teeth to eat bananas, avocado, cheerios, etc would be perfect.
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    Let her be as messy as she is gonna be while she eats, that's how she learns to do it not as messy. And I agree with the other ladies... They can eat a lot of stuff with no teeth! Even when they start to get the front teeth they don't use those to chew. Kaia had zero teeth until she was 8 months and started solids at 6, and it wasn't until she started getting her molars at like 10 or 11 months that she even used her teeth to chew.

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