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Thread: diaper rash

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    diaper rash

    my poor baby just got out of the NICU two days ago, and guess what he bought home with him? a diaper rash! his poor hinny is raw, I've been using A&D and Destin and it doesnt seem to be helping. I havent used any baby powder, since i've been told by the drs not to use it. Is there any thing else we can try doing, he is just miserable!
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    I use Grovia's Magic Stick and it works WONDERFULLY! Gets rid of any redness that she's gotten, and because of that, it's never developed into diaper rash. I highly recommend it. My first stick is still going and she's over 3 months old.

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    Eucerin Aquaphor...... it was the only thing i could get to work on my son... desitin seemed to make it worse... IDK but try the Aquaphor.. i saw a great improvement within a diaper change or two... we now refer to it as "feel good stuff"
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    it might be yeast especially if he was on antibiotics....if so any of the over the counter yeast creams you would use. we used lotrimin
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    Maybe Butt Paste? Baby oil (or even olive oil) are supposed to be good options too.

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    Sounds like it could be yeast. We were prescribed nystatin for yeast rashes.

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