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Thread: postpartum anxiety

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    postpartum anxiety

    Just curious if anyone has had any experience with postpartum anxiety. When William came home from the hospital my anxiety was through the roof, I could barely enjoy him because I was so worried about everything. Things got much better but with his surgery last week my anxiety has made a comeback. Its to the point now where my body is so sore from being so tense all the time.

    If you had experience with this did you talk to your dr about it? What kind of help did you get and did it work? I think I'm going to finally call Monday to make an appointment to talk with my dr about this.
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    Umm Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a paranoid anxious freak of a new mother.

    I don't sleep, I can't relax and enjoy her because I literally am worried about every.single.thing. - last night I picked her up to change her clothes before bed and felt the rice crispy crunchy thing at the base of their skull where the bones are not fused and I had a mild heart attack thinking that I had just touched something that was going to kill my baby. Seriously. I am not even kidding. I was in tears.

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    Yeah I have anxiety too. I think it's a pretty normal natural new mom thing. DH laughs at me but I mean she cries different and I am like "ZOMG what's wrong.".

    It gets better though as time goes on.

    Naomi has been laying next to me sleeping for 4 hours now and I know she is alright but I still listen close every now and then to make sure she is breathing normal and my heart skips a beating thinking something may be wrong.

    Anxiety comes with motherhood. Prepare for a lifetime of it.

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