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Thread: Michaela's 4-mos. appt./stats

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    Nutts Michaela's 4-mos. appt./stats

    75%-ile for height and weight
    90%-ile for head circumference

    15lbs. even!
    24.5" long

    Her pediatrician said, "She's not only grown a lot since her last appointment, but she actually jumped a growth curve. She's growing faster than the average 4-months old."

    He didn't seem concerned about this, but I can't shut up the nagging voice in the back of my mind. He did say that he was a bit concerned that she still eats every 2-hrs., and that he would anticipate that tapering off once her growth spurt slows down. It makes (a little) sense to me that she would be overall bigger because DH is tall. However, she went from not gaining well as EBFing (up to 6w) to this. If you've read any of my other posts, I have concerns that she's eating too much. He just said that it was normal for her to be as hungry since she's doing so much growing.

    Thoughts? Other than her fitting into 6-9mos. clothing already, what does it mean for the future? The doctor also mentioned that her larger size may translate into delay on hitting milestones, but didn't really explain why.
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    Don't fell bad! Makenzi isn't even 7 month and is in 9-12! and wear 18m jammas!

    Maybe since she is larger it may be harder for her young body to do what other small babies are doing? Like pushing up? or crawling.
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    Oh my goodness! She sounds like she's doing much better considering everything you dealt with. I'm glad that she's doing so well! I just realized her and Wyatt share their birthday!

    I agree with what Savanna said about her size and milestones. Since she's a little bigger, she's going to need to be a little stronger before crawling and whatnot but don't stress over that! They all develop at different speeds, anyway.
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    Hmm. Well, every kid is different, but I'll draw from my experience. Damien was 20 pounds around 3 months. He was 25 by 8 months and 30 by a year. I don't remember his lengths, but he was always 99th percentile for both height and weight during the first years. He followed a pretty classic timeline for physical milestones- crawling between 6-8 months and walking around 10-12 months. He ate all. The. Time. Just had more mass to sustain, I guess. He was never on the charts for growth curves, but he followed his own curve and his height and weight grew proportionately. None of his docs ever expressed concern over his size. Now he is almost 4, he's close to 40 pounds, still fairly tall compared to his classmates, but very, very active and without any sign of physical delay.

    I think your best bet is just to keep following up with her doc, and following her cues for feeding. You're doing well.

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