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Thread: Podee bottles

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    Podee bottles

    Has anyone ever used them or known someone who has? I just happened to come across them while looking at baby items and they've peaked my interest..I've googled and found only good things so far but I'm still a little wary about how well they work.

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    Huh, interesting....

    I'm sure there are circumstances in which it'd be helpful... but honestly, it seems almost gimicky to me.

    I kinda think that feeding time = bonding time... so I guess I'm not really a fan of this idea...
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    I've seen people use them here for when they are commissary shopping and things like that. def wouldn't be an everyday bottle type thing.
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    My co-worker used to use them when she took her baby places. She loved it. I saw her using it when I was preggo with DD. I thought it was a great idea and got it for DD. I only planned on and did use it when we were in the car traveling so we didn't have to stop. Otherwise, I held her while I fed her.

    I used it a few times while traveling (my mom lived 8 hours away so we traveled quite a bit when DD was young) in the car with her, but it wasn't as convenient for me as it was for my co-worker. DD had trouble keeping the nipple in her mouth and was too young to put it back in herself. One of us basically had to hold it in her mouth for her which defeated the purpose of having it pretty much. We might as well have just been holding a bottle in her mouth. Once she was big enough to put the nipple back in herself, she was big enough to hold a bottle on her own so she did that instead.

    For this baby, we don't plan on traveling much. We live on an island so there's not that far we can go. But I plan on getting a pacifier feeder to use if she needs to eat when I need to get somewhere instead of the podee as I think it'll be easier for the baby to keep it in her mouth, especially if she's using pacifiers.
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