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Thread: Sleep pattern changing?

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    Question Sleep pattern changing?

    Michaela has been (mostly) STTN since day 1. I have not taken it for granted, and have anticipated that it wouldn't last forever.

    Tonight, she fought EXTRA hard against sleep. Plus, she's been waking up earlier and earlier for the past couple of days.

    What was your kiddos sleep patterns like around this age? Was it linked to a particular stage of development? How did they continue to change as they got older?

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    Has she learned something new like rolling over? Sometimes that can keep them awake. Perhaps she is hitting a growth spurt, starting to teeth or simply just doesn't want to miss out on something?
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    Kenley fights sleeping ALL THE TIME. It's so frustrating... I see she is exhausted, she wants to sleep, she NEEDS to sleep, but that little monster just tries to stay awake no matter what!

    Kenley's sleeping patterns pretty much changed in conjunction with her eating habits and activity levels. When we started introducing solid food, and when she started rolling over regularly and stuff (around 3-4 months) she started sleeping through the night. The more active she got, the hungrier she got... the hungrier she got, the more she would eat and the sooner she would knock out in a food coma

    It was not consistent or scheduled in anyway until after a couple of weeks. Eventually, she had a pretty regularly bed time, and a pretty regular time she would wake up. She sleeps 10-12 hours nowadays.

    I had asked my pediatrician about it (because up until 3 months she was still waking every two hours at night) and he basically said they all figure out their own sleep patterns on their own time... unfortunately, having patience is the only real thing we mommies can do.

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