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Thread: Ridiculous Milk Supply

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    Nutts Ridiculous Milk Supply

    So, I had my baby on Monday and I have been set on breast feeding. Things were going well in the hospital and my milk came in about 48 hours after birth. The lactation consultant told me I had enough milk for 3 babies and trust me she was right. Since then, things have gotten out of control. I'm making so much milk that poor Silas can't eat it all in one setting even from just one boob. Yesterday, I finally decided to pump because my boobs were huge, hot, and full of lumps. I felt better after I did and pumped like 13oz total and they still weren't empty, but I stopped anyways. Silas seems to get choked often and I'm guessing it's because my milk is so forceful and to make matters worse, he is tongue tied which they didn't mention at the hospital and although I noticed it I didn't think much about it affecting his latch, but now that I'm thinkinig about it he sucks really hard and I had some bleeding from my right one today so I'm guessing it's hard on him since his tongue is restricted. I pumped an hour and half ago and my breasts are already hard and were leaking when I took my bra off so I just put it back on. I really don't know what to do and I'm scared of getting mastitis. Does anyone have any tips???
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    I don't have any but I will this for you because I know there are ladies on here that will have some advice.
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    I can't think of anything other than pumping. Maybe call the lactation consultant and see if she has any advice about what you can do.
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    If you keep pumping between feedings you're going to just keep making a lot. You're giving your breasts more of a demand to make milk. NOT emptying them will help you regulate a bit and not make so much. The first couple of weeks I make a massive amount as well.

    If you want to have a bunch of milk frozen, then pumping is great, but if not, stop pumping and deal with the engorgement for a couple of days until you regulate. He'll start to eat more soon also. Might want to talk to a lactation consultant and see if he should have his tongue clipped.
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    If you are bleeding or getting sore with his feeding you need to unlatch and position him again. It usually means that he doesn't have a proper "grip" and that can happen whether he is tongue tied or not. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    I've heard that you can put a cabbage leaf in your bra and it will help to reduce the amount of milk. I thinkkkk I mighta heard that at school, but I'm not sure. I do remember, though, that it's for like engorgement and you can't keep the leaf in there for too long or you'll dry up. I think.
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    I made massive amounts of milk as well. The more you pump the more milk your body will produce. Just pump enough to feel relieved. As for the lumps knead those out they hurt like heck I know! The tongue tie is pretty common and is an easy fix. I had two friends with children who had that. The bleeding you can get Lansinoh that helps with the cracking and bleeding. Your body will regulate itself just give it a few weeks. Great job on breastfeeding and keep it up!!
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    I didn't produce a lot and I used to pump like crazy and would get 6ozs off both breasts
    I don't have any advice but I hated how much engorged breasts hurt

    Oh and congrats on the new addition!
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    Stop pumping for a bit because milk production is a a supply & demand thing. And give your body a few weeks to regulate itself. If he is having a really hard time you may stop having at the boob for a little while, pump instead (not in addition) and give him BM in a bottle because tongue tied babies generally can take a bottle easier. I would talk to his Dr. about his tongue though.
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