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Thread: tummy time

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    tummy time

    Zoey hates it. She has no desire to be on her tummy and when she is , she is content to faceplant and scream. She'll pratice lifting her head and looking around any other way, but the pedi's suggestion of 20 minututes of tummy time a day just isn't working
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    I never did allotted tummy time
    Just put her on her tummy as long as she will do it, maybe getting down with her and laying on your tummy too and talking to her and playing with her will help. Or lay on your back on put her tummy to tummy on you.
    Just make sure you are holding her enough and she isn't constanly laying on one side of her head.
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    Suggested tummy time limits at 2 weeks?? I have never had that suggested.
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    I never pushed tummy time. I did what they could and when they would get fussy, it would be over. I loved watching their little heads bobble
    Talk to your doctor and see if they can make suggestions but I personally just did what they where comfortable with. Definitely don't stop but I wouldn't do 20 min in a session. Maybe split it to 4 sessions of 5 or or even 10 session of 2 min.
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    Yeah, tummy time was part of Michaela's discharge paperwork. 10 minutes/day, 3 days/week. She hated it so much early on, and is still not much of a fan. However, I've successfully gotten her to smile and tolerate it longer by getting down on the floor with her and talking, as well as using noise-making toys near her for distraction. At two weeks old, her tummy time happened on our chest. She is fine, ped said she's fine. Just needs to be using those muscles.
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    Just work your way up to it! Also, tummy time on your chest still counts as tummy time! Nikaia was having NO PART of tummy time when we started it, but now she loves it. We just put her down there as long as she would tolerate and got down there with her and tried to distract her. She liked Tummy time on Adam's chest a lot more than the floor, too. As she got stronger she started to like it more. She still has times where she is like, over it get me outta here, after just a few minutes, but she will usually hang out there down there as long as we will let her now, unless she gets hungry or needs a diaper.
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    I never did it that early but just got down on her level or did it in my chest.
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    My son hated all forms of tummy time till he was 12/13 weeks. Then suddenly overnight he didn't mind it. A week later he was rolling over! Don't fret about it. As long as babies aren't on their backs 24/7 all will be well.
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