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Thread: All you bottle feeding mommas

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    All you bottle feeding mommas

    Is there a huge difference between store brand and name brand formulas? I know they have different types, for sensitive stomachs, etc, but is there really a noticeable difference between a can that costs 13 bucks and a can that costs twice as much?

    What brand do you use?
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    With DS I used both and couldn't really tell the difference I would just look at the ingredients for comparison.

    We used Enfamil.
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    I used this

    It's what I was told was best while in the Hospital still with DD and she did well on it. I never trusted any of the cheaper brands and just stuck to what her nurses told me to use. It's also what they had there for bottle fed babies.
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    Damien took any brand. We were on WIC with him so he got Enfamil.

    Lyric does best with Similac, but ok with Enfamil. I haven't tried her on store brand because I buy bulk from Sam's Club.
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    Both kids took pretty much any brand

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    We used generic from Sams Club with both and had no issues. We got the Gentle one for Bella and the regular one for Killian. Our membership paid for itself within a few months even compared to the store brands at Walmart and Target etc. It's a good option, especially if you don't qualify for WIC (we don't, or I'd have used the brand name since that's what WIC covers).
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    My babies too any, except MDS could not have Similac.

    Most of the store brands and some of the name brands are all made in the same factory, just put in a different can, but all basically the same, that is why a lot say "compare to *insert name brand here*"

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    My kids all used Carnation good start (I guess Nestle good start now?).

    My DD had an allergy to something in all formulas EXCEPT good start. I tried enfamil, similiac and all sorts of different types by those brands. I even was able to get wic to make checks for it. So for HER there was a difference between all the others and Nestle.

    I don't know what her deal was though......
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    both my boys pretty much took any brand. Which ever was the cheapest at the time and they were good wit anything.
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    DS used Enfamil Gentle Ease... he had really sensitive tummy and we couldnt use anything other than that.
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