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Thread: Juliana's 2 month appt.

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    Juliana's 2 month appt.

    is tomorrow and im so nervous!!! i tried to get my mom to go with me but her appt is at 3 and my mom works at 4. i know nothing about this doctor and i really hope we like him!! I don't wanna see her upset from her shots and wish DH was here to go with us. He has never been to the doctor with her but hopefully he'll get to call tomorrow.

    but anyways are there any questions i should for sure ask? i have a list of stuff i wanna ask but not sure if there is anything i really should ask.
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    All I can help you with is the questions, make sure you write a list ( I used to forget everything as soon as I walked into the appointment ) and ask everything, even if you dot think it's important. Good luck!!! I'm sure everything will be fine!

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