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Thread: 2-mo appointment

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    2-mo appointment

    She's three months today, but Lyric had her two-month checkup this morning. Yeah yeah, bad mom, I'm late. I don't like vaxing at 2 months and I don't like the obnoxious stern looks and them trying to lecture me into it, so I put off the appointment until I was ready to vax. Avoidance FTW. The end. Anyway, she's 12 pounds, 5 ounces and 26 inches long. 76th for weight and 90-something'th for height. Everything was good, she smiled a lot for the doc (who was really sour, btw), she stood up straight when doc pulled on her arms to test her strength, she pooped all over the scale which she found highly amusing.

    Damien. Was. Beastly.

    It was the most frustrating appointment ever. I was having to deal with him being a monster like every 10 seconds. Grrr. Whatever. Anyway she did ok with her shots- just startled by each one really, and then a moment of squeaking and she was fine. I was glad of that. And now she's passed out in her swing.

    They said her feet look good, so no major concern there.

    That is all. She is really tall.
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    DD is going to be two months on the 2nd, but we are going to be in missouri. We have to wait till she is almost 3 months for her check up anyways. I tried to make it two days early, but they refused. I guess it is horrid if you want to do the appt with out the shots.
    Glad everything is good with your pretty little girl
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    Michaela has her first (post-birth) shots at her 1-mth appointment this week. In order to be a patient at this office, I had to sign something acknowledging that if I refuse vax, they will drop her as a patient. Odd, but accepted for now.

    Good that Lyric is a good healthy baby girl!
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    I recall my son being a terror when I took his little sis to the pediatrician too. Fun times...
    for a healthy baby though

    BiggyBiggs...the Wifey that makes me go "WoW"
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    Somewhere I would rather not be :(
    Glad she is doing so well and that her feet don't look to be a concern anymore!!
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    reading her appointments.

    Sorry D was in monster mode.

    about her pooping.

    She's gonna be a tall girl!!!
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    in VA together <3
    wow! she's super tall!

    I'm glad to hear her feet are fine. I was just thinking about her today and was going to ask so that's good news
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    My kiddo is tall, too. They'll make an adorable tall couple someday.

    I totally hear ya about the vax thing. We're doing the delayed schedule (he's still going to get all of them, just more spread out).... and I swear the ped gave me the stink-eye when I told her. Oh well, we'll schedule our appts with one of the other peds in the practice, we like him better anyway.
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    Aww yay! I'm glad her appointment went well

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