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Thread: Diapers/wipes

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    Help Diapers/wipes

    So it's about time for me to start stocking up on diapers and wipes but I went to target the other day and there were so many choices. Just wondering what diapers and wipes you ladies prefer and why. Thanks
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    we use the parents choice wipes, the ones for sensitive skin. They are my fav because of the type of cloth used and it does not feel soapy. They are also cheaper than the name brand
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    Using washables this time around, but in the past Pampers and Kirkland (from Costco) were all I used. I didn't like the texture of Huggies and they always seemed too wet.

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    Pampers wipes (we get ours from Sams Club). For diapers we use cloth and Huggies. I hates huggies with the other kids. With ODS I used the cheap store brand, MDS and DD I used pampers, but Huggies disposables work best to YDS, but at home we use cloth

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    I cloth diaper, but occasionally use the huggies pure and natural if I must. I use pampers sensitive wipes.
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    Love the Target Up&Up diapers and wipes. We live in Korea and order them online. SO much cheaper than other ones from the comisarry and better quality than luvs which what dd used before.
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    I buy Pampers baby dry for during the day and Pampers Cruisers for at night. I buy all my diapers on amazon through amazon moms and the subscribe and save offer. It's SO much cheaper.
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    I don't have kids but my friend who has 3 swears by the target brand ones. She said they are so good they use them as swimming diapers as there is never a single leak for her.
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    I like Pampers for girls, Huggies for boys (the way they absorb and the places they absorb seem to better suited to leak less with those sexes in my experience with DD and my youngest brothers who aren't much older than DD).

    With DD, all brands leaked on her quite a bit except Pampers. I don't know if it was her shape or what. Some people say I should have tried bigger ones, but she was past the diaper stage before that was suggested so I never tried that option. It would have been nice to spend less on diapers using cheaper brands.

    With DD, I used Huggies Sensitive wipes. If the store was out of that, I'd use Huggies Shea Butter wipes. If she was rashy, I used Lanolin wipes.

    Since I'm having a girl, I'll be using Pampers Swaddlers and Sensitive wipes (Lanolin wipes for anytime she starts to look rashy). Once she out grows those, I'm fairly certain I'll be using cloth diapers. But we'll try it out first before deciding for sure. If not, I'll move on to the Pampers Cruisers. Either way, I'm pretty sure we'll be sticking with Sensitive and Lanolin wipes.

    To decide, it really depends on what you want/are looking for with your baby. If you want everything extra gentle, are fine with standard, or want something specific should help determine which you buy. You really can't know which diaper will work best for your child until you actually try it out on them. I started out with small packs of different diapers to try until I found the one I liked. Each time she moved up a stage, I'd get small packs of all the different brands in that size/stage to try them out and see what worked best.
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    We use the Parents Choice wipes from WalMart, or the UP & UP ones from Target.
    We use cloth dipers in the evenings or on my days off, but we use Huggies the rest of the time. Just the plain Snug & Dry ones, not the fancy premium ones. We also use the Huggies Overnights.
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