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Thread: Toys and books

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    Help Toys and books

    Okay, I am infant toy and book clueless. My daughter has zero toys and two books. I need to change this! I would appreciate some direction.
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    We bought things for Keira that would help educate her, as well as fun. Keira is a music lover basically, so...that's what we focused on.
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    I love Lamaze toys. They're soft, and brightly colored, and generally don't make obnoxious noises.

    Lamaze Toys and Books | Learning Curve
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    Asher has a couple rattles. No one could seem to tell me anything other than that for his age range. He is just now paying attention to them.
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    At that age the lamaze toys are great. Anything that has black and white patterns contrasting colors is good. Things that make noise, different textures. rattles are good for helping them learn to reach and grab things.
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    When I was 2, my favorite toy was a taped up Pepsi bottle. Gee...thanks mom

    Apparently I had a lot of different toys but only wanted the Pepsi bottle
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    Damien loved those colorful plastic rings that you can link together and make into a chain. When he was starting to crawl someone got him a ball by Vtech that when he would push it it would make itself roll in circles so he would chase it. It was creeptastic. But kinda cool. He also had one of those tummy time mats with jungle animals. He liked to tear down our vertical blinds- you could try that, but beware, they are expensive to repair. Oh and he had a baby piano, but he much preferred my real one. As far as books go, we skipped all the "aimed at baby" things and went straight to Dr Seuss and Little Golden Books. Much more interesting for mommy and daddy, therefore they get read much more often.
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    Well I'll link you everything DD had(or things close too) in her infant days
    Baby Einstein Baby Gym, Neptune Ocean Adventure - DD loved this till she out grew it. It is also great for tummy time. Fisher-Price - Crib 'N Go Projector Soother, Luv U Zoo: Baby & Toddler Toys

    Vtech Interactive Zoo Learning Toy, Learn & Dance - Kolcraft - Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center, Flower Power: Gear (This DD would spend so much time in more then once she'd pass out in it while playing. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by JSL8809 View Post
    When I was 2, my favorite toy was a taped up Pepsi bottle. Gee...thanks mom

    Apparently I had a lot of different toys but only wanted the Pepsi bottle
    this is my YDD. We buy her lots of nice toys (I like the Lamaze ones) and she likes the wooden sppon, the measuring cups, and the diet coke bottle, she *really* liked the bottle when I added dry rice to it to make a rattle.
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    ds is 3.5 months and likes teething toys that are also stuffed animals. if they have a ring on them he can grab, even better!

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