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Thread: struggling with breastfeeding

  1. Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    Neutral struggling with breastfeeding

    I just do not enjoy it like I did with Bella. It's mostly at night that I almost quit every night. She seems to have trouble latching for the first few mins of bfing, where she doesn't want to open her mouth wide enough for my nipple to fit in, which is frustrating. Then she is spitting up ALL over me. I've never been puked on so many times by a baby!!! Not even my son who had acid reflux. I've had a few people suggest maybe i have a forceful let down and she just drinks too fast? But I really don't know. And now, it hurts when she latches on but as time goes on, the pain decreases and is usually gone by the time we are done nursing. Her latch seems fine and how she is suppose to so i dont know. But when she does get off, my nipples seem to almost burn?

    I'm trying to tough it out, really, i am, but every night, i want to give up. Every time I sit and cry bc of b/fing.

    Also, does anyone know how to figure out if you have thrust? A few people mentioned it on FB. I tried to look in Ansley's mouth but I didnt see much or far. I don't see anything on her tongue, as much of it as I could see but i couldn't see the inside of her cheeks so
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    We had thrush. First of all my nipples burned like you are describing. I also had a VERY hot spot on one boob, and then this weird rash developed. Dr. prescribed an antifungal cream.
    Also, I have an overactive letdown and what helps is to manually express before I bf. Express some milk into the sink, a towel, whatever. Then feed the baby. Also, make sure you are burping a LOT this will help with the puking.
    Stick with it, I know it's hard, but it will get easier

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    My nipples hurt so bad when I had thursh. Even I t shirt touching them hurt. Also they were red and had a few bumps around my nipple.
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    I have no advice, I only lasted 2 weeks but I want to offer - have you spoken to a lactation consultant? Maybe they can help you and make everything easier for you!

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    i'd check to see if it's thrush and if not, see a lactation consultant.
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    Talk to a lactation consultant .
  7. Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    I'll give her a call tomorrow. Not sure how I'll be able to go in though bc i have 2 extra kids on top of my 3 and no room in my car
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    My baby had thrush, there's a couple different signs. I didn't notice it in her mouth I noticed when my nipples had a shiny, red dotted rash.

    She was on nystatin for nearly a month with no improvement, it actually got worse bc nystatin is sugar based, yeast breeds on sugar go figure.

    Grapefruit seed extract works wonders, really cleared in 2 days! Dilute 3 drops per ounce of water, use a qtip, washcloth, etc. To clean the inside of her mouth and your breasts with the solution before and after feedings.

    Good luck, and pm me if you have any questions, or need someone to talk you. Breastfeeding is not easy but it's an amazing experience and start for your baby.

    i my fall 09 wives

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