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Thread: Change in sleep at night

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    Change in sleep at night

    So my little guy is right around 4 months. From about week 8, he was sleeping from 7pm-4am, would get a bottle, then he'd go back down till about 8-9am.

    Recently, because of his colic problems, his pedi put him on alliment. Now he goes down around 9-10pm, wakes up for a bottle at 12ish, then again at 4am. Its killing me! I was enjoying the sleeping through the night!! Could the change in formula have something to do with it? Or something else?
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    Glad you asked this, I was wondering the same. My son used to sleep from 8 p.m to four a.m then back to sleep until 7 or 8 a.m. I loved it!! Now he goes down at like 8:30 or 9 then hes up at 1 a.m, 3 and then 5 or 6 a.m for good
    I thought they were supposed to sleep better through the night as they got older
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    Babies sleeping patterns can change constantly. That is very normal.
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    Very typically to have a 4 month sleep regression. We had another one at 6 months. Finally back to a more normal now at almost 7 months.

    And your son is sleeping more than mine! Normal for me is to feed DS every 3 hours during the night. During a regression it was like every 2 hours and then he'd scream or play in the middle of the night randomly!
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