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Thread: Update. :( ((Updated the Update, lol))

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    Update. :( ((Updated the Update, lol))


    He seems to be doing MUCH better today (so far). Last night he slept for a 3 hour stretch, then a 5 hour stretch (which is much better than the 1-2 hour stretches the past few days ). His nose is still a little stuffy, but he's finally able to breathe through it exclusively. The drops have been helping a TON. His appetite has also returned to normal (I swear, he eats like a teenaged boy ).

    The doctor said it is a virus, so it'll take up to 10-12 days to cycle through. So basically, we're not out of the woods just yet... but at least he's much more comfortable, and he's not getting any worse.

    Thank you SO much for all the prayers & good vibes!!!


    As I mentioned in my super-duper livid vent yesterday, my baby is sick. Caught a respiratory virus from DB's stupid brother.

    Took him to the doctor yesterday, and she recommended nasal drops. Said to bring him back if he got any worse.

    Well, after a hellish night/morning, I called this afternoon and took him back in. This time we saw a different doctor (not his regular doctor, but I think I actually like this guy better).

    The new doctor was pretty concerned, said that he hasn't seen a stuffy nose this bad in a newborn in a LONG time. He couldn't tell if it had spread to his lungs, so he did a nebulizer treatment to rule it out... thank God his lungs are clear.

    Then he checked to see if his nasal passages were blocked by sticking catheters down each nostril (one at a time) to see if they'd clear. Thankfully they're not completely blocked.

    (Man, that sounds so barbaric after seeing it typed out )

    My poor little baby.

    He gave us a prescription for steroid drops to help bring down inflammation, he said it'll complement the decongestant drops. Basically last resort.

    He said that if baby gets any worse, he'll want to admit him to the hospital for monitoring and so that the nurses can do scheduled deep-nostril irrigating/suctioning.

    I'm just so freaking tired, and heartbroken that I can't do anything to make my little guy feel better. He's having a hard time breathing while breastfeeding (can't do both at the same time) so I've been pumping and using a medicine syringe to feed him. He's in good spirits, but totally clogged up.

    The doctor did say that we're lucky he's otherwise a very healthy baby... and that he shouldn't have any problems, just needs to ride out the virus. Oh, and he's still managing to gain weight... finally up to 8lbs.

    Please send any spare prayers/happy thoughts our way.
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    I hope baby feels better soon!
    R.I.P. My Love, Everyone was supposed to come home together, I'm sorry you had to come home early
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    oh momma thats the worse to see your baby sick and nothing you can do about it I geel your pain and your heartbreak.

    and smart idea for the sryange! totally never would of thought of that
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    Hang in there, I'm sure your little man will be feeling much better soon.
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    lots of and to you and your sweet baby boy. I'm sure the medicine will kick in soon and he'll ride out the virus just fine!
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    Bless his little heart. That is so hard. I pray he gets better soon. Keep pumping, and nursing him as often as you can so he won't quit or you won't stop producing. Poor baby. And momma too. Bless you both. Try to rest. When my babies were sick, they would sleep on my chest, no shirt... skin to skin and they rested, and I could too. I also played relaxing music to help us relax and cast off the stress. HTH.
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    sending and your way

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    , and I hope he feels better soon!

    Finally together in Okinawa and ready to start some new adventures together!
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    and for you both.
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