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Thread: going out

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    going out **UPDATE**

    without Miss D. Im so nervous to go out on Saturday. Ive never left her with anyone. Our babysitter came over this afternoon to meet the kids. Shes super nice...well she was holding D and D was fine for a little bit. I was standing right there and then she started crying. i felt so bad. i wouldnt go but i seriously need a break for just some mommy time!

    UPDATE: D did good! She went to sleep not to long after I left. And C was a good boy. Im so happy to have met Our babysitter. I feel recharged for sure and now Im off to bed!!

    Thanks Hula for the barrow of your friend shes great!!
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    She'll be fine mommy. They are tough! She will survive and you do deserve some recharge time!

    "Don't worry about being right,
    just worry about being kind."
    ~Tilly Therber
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    Amber, she'll be fine!! Don't worry, D will be fine. Every baby cries for a little bit, especially with mommy right there. Go out and have a good time
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    I totally understand how you feel. I've only left my DD with my friend Jen, and honestly, until Jen is ready to babysit again, we probably won't be going out. I did find a baby sitter, but she wanted $12 an hr just to spend 1hr with her, and then put her to bed. DD isn't hard to put to bed at all, and once she is down she's down until 5:30am the next morning. So for 4hrs, $12 was too much for us.

    But when the girl held her during the interview, she started crying. Part of that made me feel horrible and part of it made me feel good. I don't like her to cry, but was happy she was attached to me enough to cry when a stranger held her. Not sure if that makes sense.

    Anyway, have fun, and let your hair down.

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