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Thread: tummy time spit up

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    tummy time spit up

    My DD spits up more now that she rolls into the tummy position on her on. she doesn't ever want to stay on her back when I lay her on the ground so she's on her belly a lot.

    is the spit up usual because she's squishing her belly, and there's air in there sometimes?
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    It was completly normal( at least for both my kiddos). Its from the movement, pressure, air bubbles in their tummys. Both my adjusted just fine and eventually stopped spitting up.
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    my baby does it too. its completely normal. just wait a while after feeding her to lay her down and it should cut down on it a little. like wait 30+ minutes
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    Yep normal like the others said. DS would spit up almost every single time I put him down for tummy time even a couple hours after eating. His Dr said as long as it wasn't interfering with his growth (and it definitely wasn't!) then I shouldn't worry. I would put a boppy under his chest to keep him more upright. It helped with the spitting up, and he was happier on his tummy because he could see everything better.
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    My daughter was a barfer too. When she was tiny I avoided putting her on her tummy for 30-60 minutes after feedings, and she still had spit up. When she got a bit older I'd let her jog in her activity center before tummy time, and that helped get rid of some of the bubbles, though sometimes it just meant she'd spit up on her activity center instead of the floor. Babies grow out of spitting up as they get older - my pediatrician told me it would start tapering off at about six months old, after babies get used to sitting up alone.

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