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Thread: new babies and their vices

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    new babies and their vices

    What are your baby's secret vices? Share yours.. perhaps they can help new moms who are at a loss on how to soothe their little bundle of joy

    my DD loves being being held and bounced on an exercise ball, it 99.9% of the time automatically shushes her. If that doesn't work... something is HORRIBLY wrong... like she's hungry as a wolf.

    and if we put her in her fisher price bounce seat and then pick her up, she throws a fit, so apparently that's the next best thing. and if you add any adult (not lullaby) music to the mix she's happy as a claim and out like a light in no time.

    putting something like our fingers or a balled up sock in her hands is a last resort, sometimes it soothes her.
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    my baby likes being in my belly

    Follow Rylee's progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacNCheese View Post
    my baby likes being in my belly

    dont worry, he will come out sooner or later and then when he is about 3yrs, you will want to put him back
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    Mine all loved their binkies and lovies. And their lovies were not all stuffed animals or blankets across the board. My oldest his was a blanket, my middle hers was a stuffy and my youngest, I was his lovie.

    One thing I will say, is don't let their vice be falling asleep every time in your arms. Because than many times that is the only way they can fall asleep.

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