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Thread: Gift Basket

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    Gift Basket

    I was thinking of making a gift basket for my best friend who is due within the next 5 days. I was just wondering if any of you all had ever got one of these. I wanted it to be a gift basket more for her and less for the baby. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    I was gunna say make it more for her lol I know all baby stuff is great but mommas tend to get forgotten about.
    How about some stuff from bath and body works?! like some bath stuff to relax in and maybe some smelly good stuff for the house. Also some chocolates and a magazine!
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    I love doing gift baskets for my friends. For mom, go for some body lotion and bubble bath (unscented lotion, aveeno is great), nipple cream, nursing pads, massage gift voucher, eye mask, if she drinks tea a packet of TAZO awake tea and a cute mug, make a voucher for a free babysitting so she can go to dinner with her hubby, magazine, candy, You can do like a hospital mini toiletrie kit (brush, tooth paste and tooth brush, hair ties, body lotion, shampoo, tissues, etc), you could put some joke items in there too like tylanol PM, depends, ear plugs.

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    The nursing bads and nipple cream are a great idea. I'd also recommend gas drops. While being for the baby directly, they are for mommy indirectly when she gets more sleep because the baby gets gas relief. I'd avoid the chocolate if she plans to bf, as sometimes that can cause for a cranky baby. Not always, mind you, but why take the chance of something meant to sooth causing need for the gas drops? Also the coupon for some babysitting is great, or maybe take a meal over for a dinner? I know after I had my first ds, dh cooked one meal and then asked me if I would be cooking again the next day.
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    My favorite thing to give a new mama is hair ties, whether it is hair clips, or scrunchies. I know most days, I just couldnt get my hair done with my kids. Definetly some smell good soap for showers. A shower time was the best time for me, and maybe a g/c for like pizza? That way she doesnt have to cook one night.

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