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Thread: Georgia Faye

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    Georgia Faye

    Has been a busy little girl since she turned 6 months old on the December 18th.
    19th- her first tooth broke through! She wasn't fussy, didn't break out in a drooly rash, or anything else. yay!
    21st- had her 6 month well baby appointment. She was 16lbs 12oz and 27.7 inches. Loooonnnnnggg and lean. She cried for a minute after the shots and then fell asleep. We went on a two hour road trip after that and she did great.
    23rd- FINALLY rolled from her belly to back. She's been rolling back to belly for a couple of months but everytime she was on her belly she would just try to scoot and then get so angry because she couldn't move.
    24th- said dadadada and hasn't stopped. Sounds like she's telling on him for something. haha
    25th- first Christmas. It was wonderful!
    27th- slept in her crib for the first time.

    I love how well my little girl is growing, physically and mentally but it seems to be happening so fast.

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  3. DH: you are my queen, my goddess, and my love. i love you.
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    DH: you are my queen, my goddess, and my love. i love you.
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    i already think about my baby growing up, and she's not even born yet
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    Love her name! My niece is Georgia Faith.
    Follow me on Instagram, if you'd like.

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