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Thread: randomly choking?!

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    randomly choking?!

    i dont know why she does this but i know that it CANT be normal. just now she was sleeping then all of a sudden she started choking, turning red and gasping for air. i picked her up and she was fine again. this isnt the first time shes done this. i hate it so much! i just want to cry now knowing my baby couldve just died if i wasnt in the room and i didnt hear her.

    why does this happen?! is there anything i can do to make it stop?
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    Honestly I would be on the phone making an appointment right now. If something like that scared me enough to feel i might of lost my child, you bet i would be trying to get a appt asap!

    ***Or if it happens again go to the ER***
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    definatly time for an emergency appointment thats not normal sweetie hugs and good vibes she gets better
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    Carter did this for a little while and it scared me half to death every time! He ended up having reflux, and he would spit up but it wouldnt be forceful enough to come out of his mouth so hed choke. They put him on prevacid. The prevacid worked pretty quickly and he grew out of it quickly too. Call your doctor asap.
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    dd coughs, but doesn't choke. definitely sounds like a reflux issue. see the doc!
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    Thanks guys! she has an appointment on the 28th and ill definitly tell the dr about it.

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