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Thread: Awe... two in one week!

  1. Many of the things that can never be, often are.
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    Many of the things that can never be, often are.
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    Love Awe... two in one week!

    Awe, Ashton broke through two teeth in one week... he's growing up too quick!! First he learned to crawl a few weeks ago, and this week he's broken through two teeth in less than a week. To top it off, he'll be walking in no time, he's already pulling himself up with ease and "daring" to let go and try to move from object to object. stop growing little man, stop growing.

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    I already hate the thought of Charlee reaching these milestones (obviously for very selfish reasons). She's only three weeks old and I can already see that she's changing so much. Why do they grow up so fast?
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