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Thread: 2 month shots

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    Question 2 month shots

    what happens to babies the day after they get shots? i know they sleep alot but is there anything else? were flying to colorado the day after her appointment and i was wondering if i should reschedule her appointment for when we get back if there were any reason i should stay close to the hospital. i hope this makes sense. . .
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    All my DD ever did after shots was sleep more..she was fine the next day..if your worried call her doctor and ask
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    You can reschedule, you don't have to get them immediately at 2 months. Usually they are a little extra sleepy and can run a low grade fever and their legs are sore. But, keep Tylenol in them (they will tell you the proper dosage for her age and weight) and you should be fine if you decide to have it done and then fly.
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    My baby was really sore on both legs (the first 2 month shots are pretty hardcore, because they fit like 5 shots into 2 needles).
    She ran a low grade fever, slept alot, and just wasn't herself. Even when she was awake she just seemed... not all there.
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    DD wasn't any different at all. She napped the same, didn't have a fever, didn't act differently.. She was fine, smiling, eating well. So really, I think it's hit or miss.
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    When my little man got his shots they made him a little sleepy and his legs were sore where they gave them the shots. I gave him a little Tylenol and he was fine.

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